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FSC Marketplace, an online platform connecting 29,000 FSC certified businesses in more than 100 countries, is now online. From community forest owners in Tanzania to furniture makers in China, it strengthens networks by bringing together buyers,suppliers and traders – helping secure the future of the world's forests.

FSC Marketplace will include profiles of FSC certified companies from the whole forest products industry – from logging operations, timber merchants and brokers, to manufacturers, pulp and paper producers, and furniture makers.

Businesses can present, free of charge, their company and contact details alongside information about their finished and unfinished products and the tree species they use.

FSC Marketplace also offers sponsored advertisements for FSC certificate holders who, for a small fee, can display a banner on the website. Businesses can also choose to upgrade to a premium profile – a highlighted profile that includes a company logo – offering a great opportunity to showcase FSC products or materials.

For further information contact: marketplace@fsc.org

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