Our Impact

How FSC makes a difference

FSC works to improve forest management worldwide by setting standards for forest management and chain of custody certification. Through a market based system for product labeling, FSC certification creates an incentive for forest owners and managers to follow best social and environmental practices. The growing demand for FSC certified products tells forest owners that businesses and consumers prefer products from well managed forests.

The result is good news for forests and the people that depend on them for cultural, spiritual, economic and environmental reasons. FSC certification helps ensure that where forests are managed, they are used in a responsible way. Many types of materials and products can be FSC certified including paper, packaging, charcoal, flooring, essential oils, rubber, and bamboo, to name a few.

You can learn more about FSC's worldwide reach in our monthly 'Facts & Figures' report published online here. Additionally, in 2011 we compiled success stories from around the world - see our publication below to learn more about the benefits of FSC certification and how we are making a difference worldwide.