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In addition to certification, there are many other ways for you to connect to the FSC community. FSC is a membership organization, and engaging with stakeholders from around the world is what makes FSC so unique.

Use this section to learn about the opportunities to connect with FSC: through our network, our contacts and our information services. Additionally, below you'll find information on how to become an FSC Member.


FSC Membership provides a way to join an international network of individuals, companies and organizations who are taking action to improve the state of the world’s forests. Anyone can apply for FSC membership as long as they support our aim of improving forest management around the world and share our commitment to the Principles & Criteria.

FSC membership has lots of benefits for those who want a say in the future direction of responsible forest management around the world. Among other things, members get a seat at the table of one of the world’s most important decision-making bodies with regards to forestry and gain access to exclusive information about the global forest industry.

Benefits of membership:

  • Empowerment through decision-making
  • Empowerment through participation
  • Networking opportunities
  • Showing commitment

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