FSC Certificate Holder Database

In-depth information about the FSC system

In order to provide a full overview of the system, FSC maintains a sophisticated database of all current certificates. The database is publicly available online to allow all interested parties to search for certificates and view detailed information about forest management and chain of custody operations.

Users can search the database to verify a certificate, view assessment reports or find information for species and products certified under FSC requirements. It is the only website with up-to-date information on the validity of an FSC certificate and allows FSC to be a transparent and effective system by providing in-depth details about certificate holders.

Authorized trademark users have a unique license code for identification. You can:

    search for users with FSC certification (FSC® C######)
    search for users who are not required to be certified (FSC® N######)

Visit the FSC Certificate Holder Database at www.info.fsc.org >>