Behind the FSC logo

More than just a label

FSC has a robust set of forest management and chain of custody standards to ensure that FSC certified products meet the core Principles & Criteria. Our system include many ways for stakeholders to be involved in the certification, accreditation or standard setting processes. We also have additional measures that ensure the integrity of the FSC label like the Policy on Association and the Dispute Resolution System.

The Policy on Association (Policy for the Association of Organizations with FSC, FSC-POL-01-004) provides a way to address unacceptable activities that may put FSC's reputation and brand integrity at risk. It applies to all organizations that have a contractual relationship with FSC and is a mechanism for disassociating with organizations which are not committed to the basic fundamentals of responsible forest management. It allows FSC to avoid association with organizations involved with illegal logging or trade, violation of traditional and human rights, destruction of high conservation values, conversion of forests, GMOs or violation of any of the International Labour Organization's (ILO) Core Conventions.

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The Dispute Resolution System is a key component to the FSC system overall. Whenever a stakeholder has serious concerns about FSC Certificate Holders or the system itself, they may bring these issues directly to FSC. Disputes can be resolved on different levels within the FSC system and we work to resolve them first informally though dialogues with the affected parties. Designed in a modular way, the System supports stakeholders to express concerns they may have with the operation of the FSC system and to find the best way of resolving disputes.

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